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Bookstore @ Northern

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The Bookstore @ Northern is very proud to welcome you to our new website. We hope  that the new design and configuration of the site will allow you to find the resources, support and information you need, both quickly and easily. 

What's Changed?

You will notice a few improvements and features as you navigate our site. 

Course Materials

Semester Booklists are now updated automatically, in realtime, directly from our server. Inventory is more accurate and thus, information regarding course materials is available in a more timely fashion. 

Fully Functional E-Commerce Site

Customers can now purchase course materials, general merchandise, clothing and other items both online and in-store. Aside from credit/debit cards, students can also purchase items using their Financial Aid accounts online. 

Social Media Accounts

You can now find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates and information pertaining to the Bookstore and Auxiliary Services. 

What's Next?

You will notice that some items may still require images and general edits. The Bookstore @ Northern is working very hard to get these items updated so that your browsing experience can be as seemless as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 


The Bookstore @ Northern is proud to be owned and operated by Northern New Mexico College. Our primary mission is to serve the students, faculty and staff of the institution as well as our customers within the community. We strive to deliver quality products and services to enhance the educational, professional and personal lives of our Northern New Mexico College Community.