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Desk/Instructor Resources

Desk Copy Request

Desk/Instructor Copies are available by contacting the publisher directly. The most common publisher contacts are listed below.

If the publisher of the book you’re seeking is not listed, please fill out the form below and a representative from the bookstore will contact you with further information.

McGraw-Hill: 800-338-3987

Cengage Learning: 800-354-9706

Pearson Education: 800-922-0579

John Wiley & Sons: 800-225-5945

Oxford University Press: 800-451-7556

Kendall-Hunt: 800-228-0810

Cambridge: 800-431-1580

Congressional Quarterly: 800-638-1710

Duke University Press: 888-651-0122

Elsevier Health Science: 800-545-2522

Hackett: 317-635-9250

Jones & Bartlett: 800-832-0034

W.W. Norton: 800-233-4830

Random House: 800-733-3000

Rittenhouse: 800-345-6425

Sage Publications: 800-818-7243

Simon & Schuster: 800-223-2336

MacMillan/St. Martin’s: 800-223-1360

University of New Mexico Press: 800-249-7737

Waveland: 847-634-0081

West Academic: 877-888-1330